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Build a Rewarding Career with JR Technologies

JR Technologies offers many opportunities for experienced professionals that are interested in joining strong teams, learning in a dynamic environment and thriving on challenge. JR Technologies provides an environment where people leverage their skills, talents, experience and interests to grow professionally and build rewarding careers.

If you just completed your degree and are looking for an entry-level position you can put that degree to work in a dynamic, challenging environment where you can grow and learn even more. JR Technologies offers a wide variety of careers for graduates - all of which allow the individual to build on his/her knowledge, skills and interests, and launch a rewarding career.

JR Technologies will help you build core business, technology and industry expertise, delivering innovative solutions that transform the way our clients do business. Working within the largest industry in the world, you will acquire deep insights into the businesses we serve and the global environments in which our clients operate.

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Employee’s Opinion

  • It’s been just six months that I have joined JRT and I am very happy to share my pleasant work experience here. different and latest technologies come together to provide a solution for very interesting domain which is Airline domain. Very open work culture where you can share and implement your new ideas under expertise guidance. Working with JRT gives you the pleasure of virtually travelling to the whole world by contributing your technical, functional knowledge for Airline solution.

    - Snehal Bhave (Sr. Software Developer)
  • Commitment and pride for your brand is in the air here! This is JRT. I feel like I’m on a journey with an amazing company with a strong heritage, a wonderful team and an exciting work environment, all of which help in my personal and overall growth.We are part of a culture that fuels passion. What’s incredible is our colleagues across the globe share the same values and culture, which makes us all one enormous unit.

    -Prajakta Bawa (Sr. Quality Analyst)
  • AT JRT, we relish our work each day. There is never a dull moment in JRT. Challenging work and exciting work environment invigorates me each day. Here one have a freedom to not only express their idea but also to implement it. Since the day I have joined challenging work, supportive seniors and helping team mates has always kept my way open for learning. To summarize this is a place where work, learn and fun are synonyms to each other.

    -Poonam Gupta (Software Developer)
  • Started off as an Intern in this company. What I feel about this organization is as below. Work life balance can be achieved in JRT. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow and enjoy yourself at the same time.

    -Rajesh Salian (Software Developer)
  • Working at JRTis an experience in itself. It makes me feel strong and proud when, despite being a mid-sized firm, we grab the attention of theaviation biggies. JRT is steadily making a mark in Aviation, a domain where millions of transactions take place rapidly. Hats off to JRT President Mr. George K, who’s guiding our sail, and thunderous cheers for our team, a unique combination of youthful energy and wise veterans. JRT–A cool culture with a fiery productivity!

    - Chintan Patel (Project Manager)